A big pack of camouflages from theKingOfUm’s. New: Union Jack Camouflage for WoWs 0.9.0

Many players love and actively use camouflage for their ships. Of course, everyone knows that such mod does not carry a practical purpose in the game, it’s all about aesthetic taste.
If you are tired from appearance of your ships and you want something to change or update, then we share one of the most popular and complete assemblies – we means theKingOfUm’s camouflages.

What’s special in this assemblies?

  • Firstly, it is a kind of small modpack, in this assembly, you will find more than 10 different camouflages and that’s not all. The author regularly updates his modpack and adds it to new and new models. For the player, it will be very convenient to skip just one assembly and find all the skins you are interested in.
  • Secondly, the author does not just defile the camouflage on the ships, he corrects it. Makes camouflage less bright, catchy, but not in historical themes. Almost everything changes: colors, drawing, style. In general, the author does everything to his taste
  • No less important feature modpack – it is compatible with other mods from this category. It means if you are going to use the mod from theKingOfUm’s, but you are also interested in other variations of camouflage, you can safely compile them because modpack from author theKingOfUm’s does not conflict with other mods.
  • Modpack is completely in English.

Exceptionally to the release WoWs 0.9.0 when the Royal Navy was began, the author added Union Jack Camouflage.

How looks like camouflage from theKingOfUm’s

In total modpack several dozens of camouflage, so you are sure to find something for yourself. Here we collect camouflage on the most popular ships, as well as camouflage from the most popular events and holidays. In the screenshots below you can familiarize yourself with some of the new skins, but in the modpack, there are more mods

How to install mod?

Open the downloaded Zip file and copy the folder content (and, in the case of some camouflages, also the folder gui) that you will find inside. Open the folder res_mods inside the World of Warships folder on your computer. Locate the most recent folder inside res_mods, named after the current World of Warships version number, and paste the folder content (and gui, if applicable) into it.


[MOD] Complete Collection (by TheKingOfUm) (50 MB)

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