About game

About game

Perhaps it is difficult to find a man who has never been merged about World of Tanks game but World of Warships is its younger brother. Really the essence of both games is the same. You have to fight with the opposing team to protect yourself and your team. Difference only in transport.

World of Warships – A game that will allow you to plunge into the world of war battles and sea battles. Here you can fight in the destroyers ships period of the first world war, races on the cruisers, embark on battleships and aircraft carriers.

Welcome to the fan site WoWs game!

Here you can find all fun about World of Warships , a variety of mods, modpacks, sights and much more. We also upload the most popular video on the World of Warships, starting with official Wargaming videos, ending with amateur reviews of various ships.

And that’s not all, on the site will be information about World of Warships, about updates, about actual problems of the game, for example, departures or low FPS. And also ways to get free gold for WoWs, free ships, etc.

All additions for WoWs are conveniently located by categories, but even if you can not find something, you can use the search on the site.

Here you will find written detaile instructions about installation and the version number will help determine if the mod is suitable for the current version of World of Warships. Stay with us!

The most popular modpacks

There are almost a hundred of different modifications. They all serve for your comfort and benefit. The main goal of all mods is to help the player in battle. On this goal all modders are working. On our site you will find such categories as sights, icons, voice, mods, ports and modpacks. Perhaps the most popular category is modpacks.
Modpacks include the most popular, modern and popular mods. The player needs to download one modpack and all mods set automatically. Most popular modpacks:

The current version

Current version of the game is 0.9.5

Download the game

Download the game you can here.