[0.8.9] Advanced camera “Zeiss” + extended zoom

This mod will help you to play more comfortable and easier. Try to do it and you will not regret it. Today update 0.8.9 for World of Warships and we want to introduce you mod which obviously will not be superfluous for you. As you know the zoom cameras are necessary for the battle to observe the enemy, for the situation in battle. The camera “Zeiss” is not just a mod with a zoom camera – it’s a mod and with an advanced zoom camera that increases the multiplicity and with a comfortable ship camera with an increased view.

Advanced camera Zeiss

If you install this mod  you will be able:
– increase the commander’s camera (normal mode),
– increased by 15% FOV,
– extend the zoom to (5-fold) cameras x4, x6, x8, x10, x15 or x20.,
– expand the zoom of torpedo tubes x1, x2, x3,
– increase the approach of the Alt-aircraft sight,
– function: a small camera distance and an increased FOV in the aircraft camera mode from the 3rd person (test).


mod_zeiss (100 KB)

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  1. Ehh…. opened the RAR and found a whole array of folders, but no readme or howto.
    Anyone know what to actually do with these files or set them up correctly?

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