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Aimassist for World of Warships 0.7.2

New cheat mod for WoWs called Aimassist World of Warships 0.7.2, adapted to work with patch 0.7.2. This is almost the same as the point of pre-emption, differing in the fact that this cheat needs to be adjusted manually. Aimassist draws the so-called advance marker in front of the enemy ship, for calculation of pre-emption uses an algorithm that takes into account the set of factors.

Cheat will increase the accuracy of hits, but not guarantees 100% accuracy. With the introduction of new ships, guns or changes in some algorithms for calculating the flight and hitting the shells, we will update and add new types of ships to the settings file.

How to install and configure Aimassist for World of Warships  0.7.2

  • Download Aimassist 0.7.2
  • Copy all the files to the folder res_mods / 0.7.2
  • Activate the “reduce the frequency of interface hiding
  • Set the screen resolution to 16: 9
  • Edit the resolution in the settings file  Aim.xml  (located in the folder gui)

Settings and activation in the game

  • After the battle began, you must press ALT
  • Then you need to press the key Numpad0
  • Ceat updated and compatible with the latest game version


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  1. Giving error cant find http/1.1 404 Not Found when trying to update and generate key. Any suggestions? Cant install without a key.

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