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[] Aslain’s WoWS ModPack Installer v01

ModPack from Aslain for World of Warships is a popular assembly that is used by a large number of players. Aslain is a huge size assembly, which includes up to 300 different modifications, all of them are workable and compatible with each other. Also ModPack has a convenient installer. The author is constantly improving his modpack so stay tuned for the latest versions.

Assembling from Aslain is done in English, the description of mods is also all in English, in modpack, there is the possibility of displaying screenshots for mods so even without a description it is clear where and what mod you download.

Changes in version 01 (08-12-2018):

  • Updated to game version
Date updated2018, December 08th
Actual for the patch0.7.11.1
Current version01
Size82 MB

Changlelog v 01

    • added Compact Quick Commands

Aslain's WoWS ModPack

Mods in modpack:

      • Crosschair by arty
      • Crosschair by Bowser
      • Crosschair by atmaxx
      • Tikias icons
      • Ship counter icons
      • Aslain icons
      • The Kancolle Interface Enchantment by Xandier59
      • Ambient Sound with vito74m
      • Contour icons: KanColle icons (“Free Art Style”) by sudoku135
      • Login video added: Arpeggio from BlueSteel (by YSoysauce) (video + music)
      • Skins of the ship: Tirpitz with Bismarck
      • Skins of the ship: Tirpitz with Kancolle Bismarck
      • Updated More notable cruise control (by Mebius_LW)
      • much more.

Modpack works on various clients, on RU, EU, US and others, as well as the Steam version. But note that the installer does not find the location of the game itself, you need to specify it manually. Also at the very beginning of the installer, tick the bottom, next to “Show preview window”, this is necessary to display screenshots for mods.

And yet, in the installer, the screenshots of the mods are shown only when they are clicked with a mouse, and this is not very convenient, because when we click, we immediately put a tick in front of this mod. Pay special attention to this, that would not install unnecessary.


  • Select the folder where WoWS is installed
  • Select your mods and options, click the Next button to complete


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  1. Is there any way to keep the download when a new update occurs makes it tough when wows updates every couple of weeks and u have to go back in and re load I like this mod a lot but get tired of having to re download

  2. Hallo warum ist kein Modpack bei Aslains for World of Warships kein Aktuell da , Weil da steht mit rot

    Attention : I’m going to hospital for serious treatment, so there is a chance that there will be no modpack updates for next 2 weeks. (until 24th september).

    Uwaga: Musze iść do szpitala na poważną operację, dlatego przez ok. 2 tyg. może nie być aktualizacji modpacka. (czyli do ok. 24 września)

  3. One item if possible could you add a NATION Voice pack but with Dasha as the Russian voice.

    I know you have the stand alone voice where she is voice for all but talking where she can be selected for Russia where as the other nations have their own commanders.

    Keep Dasha though for the stand alone voice as use her voice over alot!!!

  4. I wish you well as you undergo your medical procedure. We all need to remember when we comment that this gentleman give these mods to everyone for free.

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