Azur Lane Enchant Mod for WoWs

This mod was specially created to modify the game interface. Its author regularly worked and pleased the players with various kinds of skins in anime style, but once the author decided to create not just another anime skins, but a whole mod that radically changes the game interface to something completely unusual and not typical for sea ships.

What you will see in this mod?

  • Various ship module upgrades
  • All ships will upgrades
  • All emblems, patches and insignias have been given the anime treatment
  • Reward Crates
  • US, UK, German, IJN and Pan-Asia Tech Tree preview icons.
  • Female commander icons
  • Commander Skill Tree
  • Achievements have been added for the 7.9 update
  • Supply ship modified for 8.0.2 (Vestal theme from Azur Lane)

From version author split the download into two files.  One for the login videos (which you should only have to download once), and one for the core mod, which he will continue to update.

Video rewiev mod Azur Lane Enchant Mod


Login Videos

Core Mod Link

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