Colored traces from shells WoWs 0.8.0

seToday we have an excellent mod for you – colored traces of shells. Sometimes players do not even notice the shells that aspire to them on the contrary. And this is very dangerous because they can not even try to dodge the danger. You can avoid this situation with the help of our today’s modification.
The principle of work this mod is simple – the tracks from the shells that fly through you will receive a different kind of coloring. For example:

  • Armor Piercing – Blue
  • High-explosive – orange

So when the projectiles fly in the air they will be more visible and prominent. In this case, projectiles can change color under different weather conditions, if the fog or visibility on the map is not a large shell become even more noticeable:

  • Armor piercing – from blue to bright blue
  • High-explosive – from light orange to bright scarlet

Now the enemy will not be invisible and you will know exactly which weapon he use.


Files are placed in the folder res_mods \ 0.8.0\


Colored traces (200 KB)

One comment

  1. does not work for me on 7.10 freezes up game cannot see anything or control anything the only thing that works in 7.10 for me is colored shells which is labelled colored tracers and the anime. I just tried the sights didn’t work could not bring up the list of ships on that one everything else worked. I have delete everything and start over and check and repair the game each time this happens

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