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Common test 0.7.5 for World of Warships

On May 17th, a test server with a new update of 0.7.5 became available in World of Warships, and everyone can try out all the innovations in the new patch.

The general test started on April 17th and will continue until April 21st.

From this moment the American cycle begins in the game, which should last several months and in these coming months we are waiting for new ships, new campaigns and much more. Some of this changes you can already try on a common test.

Also, the developers added a few small innovations to the game, updated the sound component of the game, and also fixed some bugs.

Do not forget that participating in the test is not only an opportunity to play on the new version before everyone else and try out all the ships, but also the opportunity to get valuable prizes on your main account.

As usual for the general test, you need to download the client 0.7.5 (or update the old test client), and also create an account for the tester (if you did not do this earlier).

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