Common test for patch 0.7.7 WoWs

Well, here is the last update, which will touch the American cycle Go Navy. Choose your team, fight on any types of battles, get rewards and points.

In update 0.7.7 you will have to choose one of the teams for which you will fight. So, you are for Sharks or Eagles. As soon as you make your choice, a new, updated port of New York will appear. The new port will be repainted and changed depending on the team you selected. In addition to the external change, new characteristics are added to the port:

  • the results of the progress of teams;
  • progress of individual achievements and rewards for them;
  • event rules;
  • Leaderboard.

Each day there will be one stage of the battle, the team that will score the most points and will be the leader, well, all the players who were members of the winning team receive rewards.

Important! Only V level ships can fight. Victory is awarded for the performance of combat missions, obtaining a heroic achievement, winning a battle, destroying enemy ships.

Arsenal Update

In the new patch, one new tab (temporary) GO NAVY is added to the arsenal. And also two types of tokens “Eagles” and “Sharks”. How to get these tokens? You can get tokens in many ways, for example, for your loyalty to your team. All you need is not to go into the team of your opponent and be loyal to your team.

Battle interface

In the update 0.7.7 for the convenience of players on the minimap, the point at which the guns of the ship are guided is added. This will simplify the understanding of the mechanics of shooting and aiming.

Download common test 0.7.7

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