Common test for patch 0.7.8 World of Warships

On August 1st, a general test for a new update World of Warships 0.7.8 was started. The renewed port of St. Petersburg, the new currency, new commanders, as well as new combat missions – all these players expect in the future patch World of Warships 0.7.8. About this more detail in the article below.

What’s new in World of Warships 0.7.8?

  • New port St. Petersburg

If you have not known yet, then August 2nd World of Warships celebrated his birthday, so many events and changes in this version will be timed to this event. Port St. Petersburg will get a new look. Why St. Petersburg you ask, everything is easy. It is the main office of the team World of Warships. The appearance of the port will change to a festive one. Salutes, fireworks, searchlights – in general around a festive atmosphere.

  • New currency

A new currency will appear. The new currency will be temporary and timed for celebration World of Warships. The currency will be in the form of tokens. To get such a currency you need to use combat missions.

  • New commanders

There will be new teams. Like the currency commanders are also temporary, more precisely, one well-known commander in the World of Warships. Meet your beloved Dasha in different hypostases.

  • Ranking battles

Rank fights did not change their rules. In battle, you expect a battle with a team of 7 players against 7. The main thing here is honesty: the composition of the enemy team and the type of ships will be identical to the composition of your team.

Important! If your team lost, do not hurry up. If you were the best player, but your team recognized the defeat, you have a chance not to lose the star.

  • The French cruisers

For many players, the French cruisers are among the most loved, so the developers tried to introduce changes that will not affect their popularity, but still change their characteristics. Meet the updated cruisers from the French branch.

  • Interface will change

With the release of update 0.7.8 in the game, the section “Additional content” will change.

Download the client 0.7.8 WoWs

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