Common Test for update 0.7.1 Wows

Launched a general test for updates 0.7.1 World of Warships. The beginning on January 25th and will last until January 29th.

In patch 0.7.1 we are waiting for the beautiful city port of Marseille, a branch of French battleships (as well as a collection of “Vive la France!”), A new commander, a new map and the reworking of several old maps, as well as the second season of clan battles and minor changes in sound and graphics.

Do not forget that participation in the Wows test is not only an opportunity to be one of the first to look at a new update and try all the ships but also the opportunity to get prizes on the main account. To do this, you need to have a tester account with the same mail as the usual account.

As usual for the general test, you need to download the client 0.7.1 (or update the old test client), and also create an account for the tester (if you did not do this earlier).

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