Common test for update 0.7.11 for World of Warships. Third stage

Commanders! We are glad to announce that from tomorrow (November 14th) and until November 19th, the developers have opened access to testing the update 0.7.11 for ships. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is already the 3rd stage of testing this version. After the release of the previous two version, there were a large number of errors and other bugs, so the developers decided to delay the release of the official update.

What is new in update 0.7.11 for WoWs?

With the release of a new update the players will be released:

  • a final stage Royal Navya collection
  • a new regime which called Twilight battle
  • new mechanics
  • a new clan season

To download new update you can be able 21st of November when it will be an official release but now you can download common test.

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