Common test for update 0.7.6 World of Warships

June 7th starts the next general test for next update World of Warships, dedicated to American ships. What is to be expected this time? There will be several new light cruisers of the US fleet, a new season of clan battles, a new arsenal of a new operation, the altered port of New York. Well, now everything is more detailed.

Light USA Cruisers in WoWs 0.7.6

If in patch 0.7.5 players were waiting heavy cruisers, then in patch 0.7.6 the developers prepared 4 light cruisers at once. Their names are: Dallas (VI level), Helena (VII level), Seattle (IX level) and Worcester (X level). If you think that this is a just simple ship, then you are mistaken. New cruisers will be excellent opponents for any destroyer or cruiser, but still will be careful because of battleships.

The third season of clan battles

Meet the “Sleeping Giant” season. Rules the same but here the balance has improved, maps have been updated and there was an opportunity to collect the second command.

Arsenal in WoWs

Arsenal is the place where you can find everything for your ship and even more. There is coal, camouflage, containers, special upgrades and, of course, new ships. Do not hesitate to come

Map of New York

The American people are preparing for the big celebration on July 4th. World of Warships does not an exception. You’ll only see how the port of New York figured. It is completely unrecognizable.

The general test will begin on June 7th and will continue until April 12th. To download test you can here.

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