Common test for update WoWs 0.6.14


Participate in the common test version 0.6.14! Evaluate and think through tactics in the new operation “The Last Frontier” and try out armor-piercing bombs of US aircraft carriers. More information about the innovations can be found in the development bulletin.

Join the test!

Start: on November, 16th
The end: on November, 20th

  • Asian Destroyers

In update 0.6.14, a branch of Asian ships is added to the game: one cruiser and nine destroyers. With them will arrive and new weapons – deep-water torpedoes.

  • New operation

Commanders, we invite you to test yourself in the new operation “The Last Frontier”!

Seventh-level ships are allowed to participate in the operation, and it will be divided into two main stages:

  • In the first stage, you will need to escort transport aircraft to the airfield.
  • The task of the second stage is to ensure a safe evacuation and to protect the airfield

Changes in balance

  • General changes to aircraft carriers
  • Changes in the flight control of US aircraft carriers

Much more

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