Common test for WoWs 0.6.8


Participate in common test for update 0.6.8, which starts on July 6th.

Be the first player who plays in new operation “Dynamo”, created based on the historical events of the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940. Collect all collectible items and get a valuable prize! Try a new kind of camouflage, inspect the updated special upgrades and evaluate the rest of the game improvements. For more information on innovations, see the development bulletin.

Learn about the upcoming plans before the rest!


  • Start: July 6 at 19:30 (MSK).
  • Ending: July 10 at 16:00 (MSC).

How to participate?

If you participated in the previous version test, update the client (~ 2 GB) and use the old account.

If this is the first test for you, download the client (~ 13 GB) and register on the portal of the general test. Step-by-step instruction on registration you can find here.

Download common test 0.6.8

To ensure that the rewards have been guaranteed to you, the primary and test account must have the same email address. If this is not the case, register for the general test again – under the email account of the main account.

Awards will be awarded within five days after the release of the update.

Start Bonuses

  • Each participant of the common test will be credited with: all level IV pumped ships with commanders with 15 skill points and ships Anthony and Cyclone.
  • The destroyer Galant will be credited to the super testers for the test.
  • When launched on all accounts of the common test, 10 super containers, 2 special containers “Dunkirk” and 2 special permanent camouflage on Bismarck “The Last Campaign” and “From the ocean floor” will be credited.
  • The cost of researching ships of V-X levels and modules will be significantly reduced so that you will be able to reach top-end equipment in just a few battles.
  • When you first run the client general test, you will receive the 15th level of the account.
  • 14 days of premium account will be credited to all accounts of the general test.
  • On the account you will find 500 000 000 credits, 30 000 doubloons, and also a large set of flag signals of all types.
  • The cost of redistributing the skills of the commander will be 1 doublon for 1 point of skills.

    We remind you that all the accumulations and achievements earned by players during the tests of previous versions will not be transferred to the test version 0.6.8.

If you have problems logging in, remember that the number of participants is limited. That’s why when you log on to the server, a queue can periodically appear. We’ll have to wait a little, but the reward is worth it.

See you in battle!

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