Common test for WoWs 0.6.9

UPD. The general test server is available for players. Good luck in the battles!

Dear players!

Version 0.6.9 is ready for general testing, and we invite you among the first to get acquainted with the new campaign and collection dedicated to the legendary Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

Admiral Yamamoto was a bright personality and will be the first historic commander in the game. The campaign and the collection are based on his biography. They turned out to be very informative, as you can see by reading the development bulletin.

On the test, the campaign will be greatly simplified, which will allow you to relatively easily collect the entire collection and prepare for the upcoming tests.

Be sure to participate and share our impressions with us!

Dates of event

Start: July 27th
The end: July 31

How to participate?

If you participated in the previous version test, update the client (~ 700 MB) and use the old account.
If this is the first test for you, download the client (~ 16 GB) and register on the portal of the general test. Step-by-step instruction on registration you can find here.

Download the client

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