Common test for WoWs 0.7.0

Dear players! From December 29th to January 3rd, the general test of the new update will start. In the new year, the developers decided to release the update under the new version. Meet the first patch in 2018 under version 0.7.0.

What’s new in update 0.7.0 for WoWs

  • New camera in Port

In the update, 0.7.0 players will be able to enjoy the new camera, which will appear in Port. With the new camera, the players will have additional opportunities. For example, increase the zoom and more detail to inspect all the elements of your ships or remove the camera to a good distance and make excellent photos.

wows update

  • Training room

Starting from level 15th, players will have the opportunity to train before the fight, players can do it in a special training room. To ensure that the battles are productive and more interesting you can customize your settings and under your game. For example, you can choose the number of participants, nations, classes of ships and much more.

  • Sights

Do you want to be individual and unrepeatable? Then the innovation in version 0.7.0 will definitely make you happy. A special tab will appear in the Port where you can find a special insignia for yourself. Choose from what.

  • Improved balancer in cooperative battles

In this battle mode, you can now meet aircraft carriers and battleships that the bots will control (especially if none of the players has chosen this type of ship)

  • High School Fleet

With the release of update 0.7.0, new content will be added, dedicated to High School Fleet. You will be available four new HSF-commanders, a collection of 35 cards with a brief profile of the characters of the series, as well as a new original camouflage for IJN Musashi, IJN Yamato, and HSF Harekaze. On the general test of the listed novelties, only the new coloring for the battleship Yamato will be available.


Common test 0.7.0 (3 MB)

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