Common test version 0.6.5

Dear players!

May 5th will update the common test version 0.6.5. In connection with the work on its release, the server of the common test will be unavailable from 16:00 to 17:00 (MSK).

Update size: ~ 600 MB.


Participate in common test for update 0.6.5, which starts on May 2nd at 19:30 (MSC).

Be the first to go hunting after the thunder of the Atlantic – the German battleship Bismarck! Go through the first historical campaign World of Warships, collect all collectible cards and get a valuable prize! Try a new kind of camouflage, inspect the special signal flags and appreciate the improvements to the game interface. For more information on innovations, read the development bulletin.

Learn about the upcoming plans before the rest!

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