Contour icons for World of Warships 0.7.1

Sets of contour ships icons for World of Warships, the first option is simply outlined icons on which there is a name of the ship and its level, and also on the background can be determined to which class the ship belongs. The second version of the icons is more interesting, as it contains a lot of useful information, for example, the reloading of guns and torpedoes. In total there are 5 different options for icons, they are made taking into account what ships you play, and there is also the possibility to increase the “ears”. All this can be viewed and selected in the installer.

Updated February 10th, 2018

Adaptation for the patch 0.7.1

Color of ship’s name:

White – Normal
Red – Special (can not be bought)
Yellow – Premium

Background color for icons:

Gray – Aircraft carrier
Blue – Battleship
Orange – Cruiser
Green – Destroyer

Unzip the archive to any location and run the installer


icons_countur (15 MB)

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