Download common test for update 0.7.10 World of Warships

As usual, before the release of the new update, the developers offer everyone who wants to play on the test server, in order to find and fix various errors and bugs in advance. In the patch 0.7.10 players waiting for a lot of interesting, Royal Navy cycle will continue, also this update is connected with Halloween, and it will bring in the game a lot of unusual things.

There will be a new port and new interesting operations. Developers have prepared themed ships, camouflage and much more. Just have a look at this picture.

What new in World of Warships 0.7.10?

  • Royal Navy

Version 0.7.10 is the second update that represents Royal Navy. Update 0.7.11 the latest from the British cycle. The new stage Royal Navy again offers 4 stages, duration of 1 week. At each stage, you are waiting for four directives, and in each of which you have to perform a specified number of tasks. For the completion of the stage, directives or tasks, you receive a corresponding award, among which there may be game assets, guineas and new containers of Halloween.

You can perform tasks simultaneously, but you can access the next directive only after you have completed a certain number of tasks in the previous one. Tasks can be performed simultaneously and in any number of fights unless otherwise indicated. Do not worry if something does not work right away, because all the directives are available for execution until the end of the stage.

  • Port of Halloween

With its bewitching mysticism, you will be greeted by the port of Halloween. Its emerald waters, steep cliffs and majestic castle blend harmoniously into the atmosphere of the reigning powers of darkness.

The general test of the update 0.7.10 began on 27 September and will last until October 01.

Do not forget that participating in the test is not only an opportunity to play on the new version before everyone else and try out all the ships but also the opportunity to get valuable prizes on your main account.

As usual for the general test, you need to download the 0.7.10 client (or update the old test client), and also create an account for the tester (if you did not do this earlier).

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