Download update 0.7.10 for World of Warships

Commanders! Tomorrow, October 17th, players World of Warships expects a new update under version 0.7.10. In this patch, players expect:

  • continued Royal Nany
  • new branch ships underwater series
  • there will be a new commander Alexander Ovechkin
  • one of the main events of this patch is the Halloween

Event Royal Navy continues. In the game, new British destroyers will appear, where a repair team will be available among the top ships, which will be useful for you more than once in battle. You also have to fight for a place in the hall of fame and carry out directives. Most of the tasks you can perform not only in familiar modes but also in Halloween operations.

As for the Halloween event, this year there will be several modes for players: “Saving Transylvania”, “Sunray in the Darkness”, as well as the novelty “Terror of the Deep”. More about this mode in the video below

One comment

  1. It appears that the green side cannot use any mods or at least i can’t locks up my computer probably the halloween scenario at least for the fog remover others i have no minimap no control over my ship cannot esc have go to task manager and exit. All of the mods i am using worked beautifully in 7.9 any modders out there please see if WOWS has a little program that blocks mods for this update

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