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Download update 0.8.8 for World of Warships

World of Warships is turning four! Update 0.8.8 brings tons of presents, a festive atmosphere, and many other things. World of warships is four years old and giving out presents to celebrate!

In Update 0.8.8, get a supercontainer for your first victory on Tier X ships; a Gift container carrying five special signals for your first victory on Tier VIII and IX ships; and the World of Warships Anniversary camouflage for your first victory on ships of other tiers— with a special symbol marking applicable ships in the carousel.

Any ships you purchase or obtain in Update 0.8.8 will also have the first victory bonus. Finally, if you complete all the festive Directives, you’ll get three supercontainers and a container with a Tier VI Premium ship.

Apart from this, by completing missions of the Directives, you can earn credits, coal, up to 20 Gift containers, and other rewards.

You can switch to a new special Port—Designer’s Table. You can’t celebrate a birthday without guests. Please welcome our new Tier X battleships:

  • British Thunderer and American Ohio.
  • The British ship is an alternative version of Conqueror with 457 mm guns.

They cause more damage, are more accurate, and have a faster reload time. However, it has a smaller number of guns and its Repair Party consumable isn’t as efficient as that of Conqueror, but this is compensated for with an additional charge. Thunderer is available in the Armory for 252,000 Coal. Ohio is a battleship armed with eight 457 mm guns and a powerful secondary battery.

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