Dynamic and customizable sight from Proships for 0.7.9

A sight from Proships is a replacement for a standard dynamic sight on a new one, which you can customize according to your desire.

As you know, the developers added a dynamic sight to the game, but only one, besides, it is standard and boring. And this mod allows you to customize the color (and separately for the risks, numbers and the main line), the number of colors and their thickness, can settings.

Dynamic and customizable sight

To configure the dynamic sight, after installation go to the folder World of Warships \ res_mods \ 0.7.9\ gui and run ProShips_Cross_Editor.exe then configure everything as you like and click “Save”.


Transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.7.9
Select in the game settings “dynamic sight”


Sight from Proships (1 MB)


  1. Do you know what language pack I need to install to read the instructions? It’s showing up as gibberish with an occasional Cyrillic character. A friend who can read Russian checked it and confirmed it was gibberish.
    I can figure out the basics but can’t understand the more detailed options.

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