Fading Transparent Minimap mod for WoWS 0.9.5

Fading transparent minimap mod for World of Warships helps players expand the mini-map and low-resolution screens. This mod will be useful for playing with low-spec PC, to keep graphics settings high-quality.

You’ll provide them in 720p or a little larger resolution otherwise, viewers might watch them in a small frame. So if you can expand the mini-map that will help stores comprehending. The player itself is able to grasp the progress of a battle easily but viewers are not.

But expanded mini-map will obstruct show the right side of the screen. Some providers already distributed “semi-transparent mini-map mod”, but they are insufficient for battle. This is a vanilla mini-map. It’s only for psychics.

This is existing semi-transparent minimap mod. It indeed works but still obstructiveness. And this is fading transparent minimap mod. You can see enemy ship clearly. Review three models: vanilla existing mod and topic mod.


WoWS_FadingT-Minimap_0950 (1 MB)

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