[0.7.9] garfield001’s Mod Collection for WoWs

Friends! Today we want to present not only one mod but whole assembly of modifications in the anime style. All those who love mod in the anime style – this assembly will be useful.
Mods presented with this assembly are not distinguished by some functionality or practicality, here the standard versions of icons, ships and team members are replaced with cartoon characters in anime style. The author has developed a mod for himself, but decided to share with everyone.

Mod Collection for WoWs Mod Collection for WoWs Mod Collection for WoWs

What mods can you find here?

  • Mod from author that includes ship girls from Kancolle
  • Mods  that includes ship girls from other sources
  • Kancolle Ship Previews
  • Kancolle Addons
  • Kancolle Ship Icons


Сopy files in the res_mods/0.7.9 of your WoWs folder.



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