General Update Test 0.7.9 for WoWs

On August 30th, World of Warships is waiting for us another common test of the new update, pretty quickly developers after the update WoWs 0.7.8 release in the overall test patch 0.7.9. In the new update, you will find a lot of everything new, to begin with the game will meet us with a new port, London enveloped in fog, there will also be a Royal Navi competition, the processing of some maps, a new operation called “Dynamo”.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the new regime “Race of Arms”, in which ships of the IX and X levels are allowed, and the mode itself resembles the standard, but there are some differences. Also in the game will be “The Storm Front” in random battles and more developers have made a clan base 2.0.

The general test will begin on August 30th and will continue until September 3rd.

Do not forget that participating in the test is not only an opportunity to play on the new version before everyone else and try out all the ships, but also the opportunity to get valuable prizes on your main account.

As usual for the general test, you need to download the 0.7.9 client (or update the old test client), and also create an account of the tester (if you did not do this earlier).

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