German modpack Hurz v1 from Juger65 for WoWs 0.9.5

Today we want to show you a great modpack with many mods inside. Modpack called Hurz from German player Juger65. Here you will find the most popular and useful mods in World of Warships. It is not overloaded. It was started atmaxx player and continued by Juger65. So here is a new version. The installation is as easy as the download.

  • Alternative dynamic crosshairs
  • Compact battle loading screen
  • Name of the ships on the minimap
  • Discovered and storm warning icons
  • Chat mod
  • Techtree / Research and Sesssion-Stats
  • much more

How modpack look likes you can in the picture below.


  • Save the res_mods folder in your WoWS directory
  • Simply unzip the download .zip file into your WoWS directory

Download (5 MB)

juger65_atmaxx_feat_Hurz_0.9.5.0_V1 (8 MB)


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