Hakabase Modpack v01 for World of Warships 0.7.11

We present to your attention modpack Hakabase. There you will find a lot of useful mods. The full list is given below.

  • Cannon Shell
  • Tracer
  • Ballista and Cannon mod
  • Torpedo track-yellow
  • Remodel, skin, textures
  • Camouflages setting
  • Unique camouflage for all
  • Anime skins combine by all
  • No rust skins combined by J.Jiang
  • ARP skins combined by H716 and Rider Fate

In this installer is almost Hakabase works for WOWS, but also author contains some useful mods made by other authors.


  • Select folder where is your WoWS installed
  • Select mods that you like the best
  • click button next…. then Install mod


Hakabase WOWS v1 (47 MB)

0.7.11 will be soon


  1. Nice mod pack, could you make the dynamic scope similar to aslain’s one? (crosshair nomogram dynamic). This way one can zoom in fully and still see all the marks.


  2. Download page for “Hakabase_WOWS_0.7.5_#02” – 404: Page Not Found. This modpack is fantastic by the way

  3. I was asked if I wanted to update the latest pak from the site here. I clicked ‘yes’ and my anti-virus software informed me that the page I wanted to go to has a trojan virus. I’m not impressed by that.

  4. Hi.. I have steam version, and the installer says that im selecting the wrong folder (steam/steamapps/common/World of Warships) Wich folder should i select then?

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