Halloween in World of Warships 0.7.10

Update 0.7.10 for World of Warships will be really special and in many ways, thanks to an event called Halloween. The fact in 2018, the developers decided to surprise their fans and made it possible to choose between the previous versions of Halloween, as well as added a lot of new. For example, a new submergence or a new class of technology.

This year, the developers decided to resume all successful Halloween events “Saving Transylvania and “Sunray in the Darkness”, as well as added new operations  “Terror of the Deep”, but this time it’s not so simple. For players with a lot of experience the game, developers offer an operation of “Terror of the Deep” and “Sunray in the Darkness”, but in an increased degree of difficulty.

What sticks to the underwater world will surely surprise you. In addition to the submarines themselves, the developers have decided to create a real world, an underwater world with organic creatures and new locations. How did the team World of Warships compete with this task and what the players expect in the new patch look in the video below.

When will update 0.7.10 start? This update will release 17th of October

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