Historical Ensigns Contour Icons for WoWs

Friends! Today we offer a special mod. This mod is not only a convenient icon, which is sure to like and will suit many players but also possesses the main feature. Mod is compatible with all modpacks and can work as a separate mod and in addition to your favorite modpack. It means, the player can set his permanent modpack, and on top of it these icons and thus you will get a perfect set for winning in the ships.

Important: if you decided to download Aslain’s mod pack, be sure that only the newest DLC file for this mod is in the World_of_Warships/Aslains_DLC_cache folder. Simply delete any older versions of ContourIcons_Panzerleiter from the folder.

Historical Ensigns Contour Icons for WoWs  Contour Icons for WoWs


Historical Ensigns Contour Icons (15 MB)

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