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Historical Ensigns Contour Icons mod WoWs 0.8.10

Mods from the category “icons for ships”, especially do not bring any clear advantages in battle, they are more likely to serve for players convenience and comfort. One of the most popular and useful mods icons is Historical Ensigns Contour Icons. The author of this creation is Panzerschiffer.

The fact that these icons are popular and useful is indicated by the fact that they are included in the  Aslain modpack (the most famous modpack for World of Warships). To install this mod you do not need much time, besides, it will be updated automatically, that is, you will not have to reinstall it again every time a new update is released.

These icons have a convenient panel that shows counters for potential and spotting damage.

Important! Such every country has different ratios for ensigns and other national flags, so the author used appropriate ratios.

The icons of ships 10 tier for Clan Wars differ from simple icons of 10 tiers. The author specially made this distinction so that they could be immediately noticed. Clan Wars have gold lettering.

How to install?

Install the mod according to the file path: Games/World_of_Warships/res_mods . . . etc.


Historical Ensigns Contour-icon Mod – dock version (compact carousel in port) 7 MB

Historical Ensigns Contour-icon Mod–Dock – basic version (default carousel in port ) 6 MB

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