Information lists of commands (Ears) for WoWs [0.7.2]

This mod replaces the usual teams in the battle for more informative, in which the band of health of ships and light bulbs of the enemy’s lights is added. With this modification, you will always be aware of how much strength remains in the remaining ships on the battlefield of the Allied and enemy ships, which in turn can sometimes turn the tide of the battle. In addition, the data “Ears” can be configured for themselves right during the battle, to do this, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the appeared icon in the upper left corner in the form of a gear. In the opened window it is possible to adjust almost all elements of the given mode, beginning from the size of ears and before display of lamps of light.
In the archive there are 2 options:

  • V.1 – With a separate strip of strength.
  • V.2 – C embedded in the very line of information about the ship.

Attention! To make the lists of teams work, you must enable it in the Game Settings – Manage – Display Team Compositions (tick and click apply).

Installation: Place the gui folder from the archive in World_of_Warships \ res_mods \ 0.7.2\


info-ushi (55 KB)

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