Informative markers 4 version WoWs 0.8.9

Mod extends the standard capabilities of ship markers in World of Warships. Firstly, the markers are now displayed without pressing Alt, which will be very convenient for the players. Secondly, the markers became more informative, the author increased the strip of combat capability, added the names of the ship and the number of combat readiness in them. Moreover, markers work at all distances.

There are four options in the archive

  • HP Display
  • Display HP but no player
  • Display percentage HP
  • Displays the percentage of HP but no player

Note: To work with markers, you must enable the “Alternative combat interface mode” option in the game settings.

Update from 04.10.19

Adaptation for Patch 0.8.9


Select the desired option and copy the file icons.xml to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.8.9


mod_infoMarkers (40 KB)

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