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Interface Port mod for World of Warships 0.8.6

We are glad to present you a special mod, mod to change the port interface for the game World of Warships. Of course, this modification will not affect the outcome of the battle, but it will still be able to simplify the gameplay for the gamer, there by making the game more comfortable for the player. Thanks to this mod you can customize many parameters to suit your desires.

You can change next parameters

  • Banner switcher

Thanks to this feature, you can choose the style of the banner, change the type of mission, and all this can be done just by clicking on the right button of mouse.


  • Campaigns in port

This feature provides the player with easy access to information about active campaign tasks.

  • Camouflage filter

Filter the camouflages in the camouflage section of the port

  • Next ship XP in carousel

This function displays the state of hp of your ship and also inform about researching the next tech tree ship

  • Current server population and karma information

Thanks to this mod all server information will appear in the port

  • Improved primary crew

Modification improves the crew of the ship based on the popular mod by Monstrofil but with some changes

Important! Mod is avaible in English and German languages


Unpack the mod archive to your ‘WoWS\res_mods\’ folder


port_interface_mod (1 MB)

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