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[0.9.5] Japanese naval ensign v2 “Rising Sun Flag”

Friends! Today we offer a new mod which called. “Rising Sun Flag”. The mod will be useful to everyone but is best for Japanese players. Mod is practical and functional. The author of this mod decided to improve and slightly modern the previous version, which has not been updated several times.

  • The size of the flag was not changed
  • In the port you can see the improved flags
  • the flag lines in the new mod are slightly shifted. How exactly can you see in the screenshot below.
  • This mod regular updated


WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_V2_0950 (3 MB)


  1. For installation, you must extract the two folders contained in the file into the game’s res_mods folder, client version

    Your file structure needs to look like so:
    World_of_Warships/res_mods/ (<- all the ships' ensigns)
    World_of_Warships/res_mods/ (<- captain background flags)

    Do note that, due to the way in which the game updates, this mod will be invalidated when the next patch hits. You may have to manually move these two folders into the new version's directory (probably something like 0.8.x.x), otherwise the mod will not work.

    But, even if you do, the flags may be corrupted, depending on whether or not the developer chooses to add new flags to the game. If so, you must wait for the modder to upload a new version of the file that accounts for the newly implemented ensigns.

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