Mod a Great White Fleet for World of Warships 0.9.2

Commanders! We want to present you an interesting and unusual mod for sea battles. This mod has a name Great White Fleet. The essence of the mod is simple and lies in the name. The fact is that as soon as you install this modification, all your ships, except for ships without camouflage, turn into absolute white ones.

This way you will have your own white fleet. This action will allow you to quickly distinguish the ship of an ally from the enemy, also the white fleet looks very impressive. This mod is included in the most famous and most popular modpack from Aslain.

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Previously, players must install the modpack as a whole to use the mod Great White Fleet, but now you just have to download the mod and the white fleet will be in your location.


  • Download this camouflage.xml here and place it into  ..\World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.9.2\


GreatWhiteFleet (1 MB)

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