Mod that show gun calibers in inches for World of Warships 0.9.5

Friends! We have a great mod for you. The mod with which you have long been aware of and know exactly its purpose, we mean about mod “gun calibers in inches”. This modification has long been used by many players, but only in assemblies from Aslain and Hakabase. Previously, players had no opportunity to download modification separately, only with popular assemblies, but recently the author still gave the opportunity to install the mod separately without any other modifications.

Remind that gun calibers in inches completely legal mod, for its use you will not be punished by Wargaming, because the modification does not provide advantages in battle and does not help the player to win games. The main purpose of this modification is information.

Using this mod, the player receives information about the rival’s weapon (caliber size, some interesting facts about this weapon). That way you will know if the ship will be able to inflict maximum damage to the enemy ship or is it better to retreat

Important! In order for the mod to work correctly and without any problems, it is necessary to use the current version of the mod (download correct update)


The original standard ‘’ file is in the ‘…\World_of_Warships\res\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES’ folder, do not move it or change it in any way. If you need a help with installation, you can find it here.


Gun calibers in millimeters and inches 0.9.5.Xv1 (1 MB)

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