Mod “Traffic Light” for World of Warships [0.9.4]

A traffic light is an extremely useful mod that shows a special marker above the ships, allowing you to determine whether the ship is moving or standing still. Thus, during the battle you will always know whether the enemy is moving forward, backward, or even stopped altogether. Competent use of mod traffic lights, will make it even better and more tactful to play World of Warships and win.

Traffic lights

Green – Moving forward
Yellow – Stands in place
Red – Moves backwards
Here is such a simple but useful mod “Traffic Light”. If you are not satisfied with the standard colors, you can change them in the config file running_lights.xml which is located in the folder World of Warships \ res_mods \ 0.8.8\ gui. For each traffic light setting, there is a description, in addition to setting the color, you can still add a glow and a shadow.

Mod "Traffic Light"

Update 12/05/20

Adaptation for patch 0.9.4
Transfer the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.4


mod_svetophor (200 KB)

One comment

  1. This mod does not work in 7.9 at least for my ships. When I launched the game i had no control indications no mini map could not fire or transverse my mains could not control the ship. It showed NOTHING about the map when pressing M.
    I know this is the mod because i played the game with JUST this mod in the folder and it did all of the above and more.

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