Modpack from GetFunTV for WoWs 0.6.11

From YouTube channel GetFunTV we presents you a modpack of the latest version World of Warships. It is  World of Warplanes and World of Warships channel. The author does streams, talks about the game and so on, so actually decided to made own assembly for WoWs. There are not very much mods in modpack , basically here is the basic necessary mods for a comfortable game.

Date updated2017, October 29th
Actual for the patch0.6.14
Current version1
Size11 MB

All mods complement the gameplay and allow you to enjoy the game. In addition modpack has installer, which will help install the necessary mods and also it is easy to remove them. Installer can clear the client World of Warships from other mods or make their backup.

Updated 19.09.17

Adaptation for patch 0.6.11

List of mods

  • Sights from cvkavkaev, mankunianec, Mebius_LW and Terronius
  • Offset of the ship doll
  • Camera Zeiss Incline
  • Light bulb “Polundra – Nichosi”
  • Lamps «HUD Birusa» and «HUD Orange»
  • Expanded ears
  • The expanded panel of ribbons
  • Smart mini-map
  • Transparent mini-map
  • Icons from DeCease
  • Colored shells
  • Showing HP on a tactical minimap
  • Map boundary
  • Anti-glare and anti-fog
  • Battle Load Screen v2
  • New screensavers
  • Limit FPS to 30
  • Training room

Run the installer and follow the instructions


Modpack from GetFunTV (13 MB)

0.6.11 will be soon

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