Modpack MTD World of Warships – the best mods for WoWs

Released updated version Modpack MTD for World of Warships This modpack has absorbed the most popular and best mods for game World of Ships, in various sights, light lamp, Graphic modifications, and interface modes. Thanks to the convenient installer and a detailed description of the installation process to use modpack MTD is easy.
And now let’s go through the mods available in the MTD modpack
The Graphic mods include:

  • Mod is cleaning smoke on some maps
  • SweetFX Warships
  • The modification increases the contrast and color saturation, which makes the picture much more pleasing to the eye.

Mods that change the interface of the game.

  • Alternative gun markers-3 mods are available.
  • Colored information panels: 6 types.
  • Colored information icons: 4 types

Modification of the dock/port.

  • Quick – a simplified view of the dock for fast client downloads, very relevant for owners of weak computers.
  • Also available are three new, beautiful docks: black sky, tropical and premium.
  • Optimized standard dock from MTD.

Mods directly affect the gameplay.

  • Colored traces of torpedoes-several options are available.
  • Transparent mini map.
  • And a dozen useful mods, the description of which you will find in the modpack installer World of Warships MTD


Modpack MTD (2 MB)


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