Modpack ProShips v01 for World of Warships 0.7.9

Modpack ProShips – is a quality mod assembly that is released from open beta test World of Warships. In the past this modpack was called MTD, but later it was decided to make a more sonorous name and appeared Modpack ProShips.

Date updated2018, August 22nd
Actual for the patch0.7.8
Current version00
Size92 MB

There are so many mods in modpack, in fact, all the popular modifications are present here. The ProShips installer allows you to see a screenshot of each mod, enable replays, and clear the res_mods folder. In general, everything is very convenient and simple. There are sights, icons, lights, docks and many other useful mods in modpack. And XVM of course.

Updated 18/09/18

Changes v1

  • Updated arcade sights “Improved Rangefinder” from Hakabase
  • Updated mod “Advanced chat” from IKU19 and Ollin
  • Updated mod “Customizable Icons” from AutoSpy

In archive, you will find 2 versions of Mini and Full modpack.

Mods included in the Full version:

  • Sights: Mini Alfa Z1ooo, Harpoon, Tic-Tac, Dolphin (all versions, there are more than 10ti), Set of dynamic sights
  • Icons: Ship Icons from Monsrofil, Icons from Hootorez
  • New GK markers
  • Mod Telegraf
  • Tracer GC
  • Navigator
  • Damage Bar
  • Complete statistics
  • This is a small part of what is available in Proships Full.
  •  Mod Air marker
  •  Camouflage
  •  The award-winning band and the Warhammer 40000 light marker from _NeZlo
  • Mod “Protractor”. Now it works correctly on all screen resolutions. Moreover, you can place it where you want.
  •  Added the “Torpedo reload indicator” mod.
  •  Added new flags and updated Pirates flags
  •  Mod for an extended chat from Monstofill in which you can see the nickname + the name of the ship.
  •  Mod that will show the damage you caused.
  •  The voice acting of Kankole, StarWars, Warhammer 40K-Orcs
  •  Much more

1) Unpack the archive to any place
2) Run and follow the instructions
3) Select the desired mods and install them

Modpack ProShips v5 (140 MB)

0.7.9 will be soon


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