Modpack ProShips mini v1 for WoWs 0.6.4

Modpack ProShips mini – is the minimum set of the best modifications from full version ProShips modpack. Since usual assembly weighs a lot because it has a huge number of modifications, then update it to new patch is a fairly time-consuming and long-lasting occupation. So it was decided to create a mini modpack Pro Ships, which included the most popular mods for World of Warships. Due to this, the mini version is updated much faster than full and the modpack size is only 20 MB.

Modpack ProShips mini

Version 1 from 10.04.17

Adaptation for the patch 0.6.4
List of mods
Proships Sight
Ship Icons – Monstrofil, from AutoSpy
Main caliber markers
Enhanced ship markers
Colored shells
Smart minimap
Markers of light – Bee, Sun, Road signs
Camera Zeiss Zoom Sniper x25
Statistics for the session
Fps Limit 30
Fog removal
Traffic light
Training room
1) Unpack the archive to any place
2) Run and follow the instructions
3) Select the desired mods and install them


Modpack ProShips mini (20 MB)

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