Mods combination for World of Warships 0.7.8

If you are a fan of game World of Warships and like to play with installed mods, you probably already know that some of them are not compatible with each other, although perform different functions. This is connected with the fact that the mods prescribe paths to their files, into special config files, and when you install a new modification you simply overwrite such a file.

There are several options. Or to install modpack by choosing the right mods (but sometimes modpacks are bad, they can break the game and wait for them need a very long time). Or you can yourself to combine the mods you need. It is not difficult to do this, you only need a notepad (and preferably the Notepad ++ program) and desire.

This article will be replenished and expanded in connection with the release of new mods, installation features, etc.

Combining mods with the file battle_elements.xml

In this file, there are paths to flash files, as well as classes. With this file there are such mods – battle angle, Traffic light, Smart minimap, sight from Proships, XVM (which is now the “Smart Markers” mod).

To combine and make these mods work together, you need to know that they write to the file battle_elements.xml, then set the necessary mods, open this file in notepad, and register the lines for each mod installed by yourself.

These mods write lines to the <elementList> section (either to the beginning or to the end). And also in the section <controllers> (either at the beginning or at the end). Sometimes you do not need to add lines but replace them (for example, like a mini-map).

So, let’s get started.

Battle angle

In the end  <elementList>

<element name=”navigator” class=”NavigatorElement” url=”navigator.swf”/>
<element name=”altHud” class=”__ModLoader” url=”alt_hud.swf”/>

In the end <controllers>

<controller class=”com.w03l.alt.battle_controllers.AltHudController” clips=”crosshairDefault,crosshairFPS,navigator,ngCrosshair”/>

Traffic light

In the end <elementList>

<element name=”runningLights” class=”__ModLoader” url=”running_lights.swf”/>

In the end <controllers>

<controller class=”com.Pr0Ships.battle_controllers.RunningLightsController” clips=”markersContainer”/>

Smart minimap

In the end  <elementList>

<element name=”altMinimap” class=”__ModLoader” url=”alt_minimap.swf”/>

In the end  (with replacement) <controllers>

<controller class=”lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.MinimapController” clips=”minimapClip”/>
Replaced by
<controller class=”com.w03l.alt.battle_controllers.AltMinimapController” clips=”minimapClip”/>

Sight Proships

In the begining <elementList>

<element name=”__proshipsCross” class=”__ModLoader” url=”proships_cross.swf”/>

In the begining  <controllers>

<controller class=”com.pr0ships.battle_controllers.ProshipsCrossController” clips=”crosshairFPS”/>

Nomogram sight

At the end of <elementList>
<element name = “altHud” class = “__ ModLoader” url = “alt_hud.swf” />
<element name = “ngCrosshair” class = “NGCrosshairElement” url = “ng_cross.swf” />

At the end of the <controllers>

<controller class = “com.w03l.alt.battle_controllers.AltHudController” clips = “crosshairDefault, crosshairFPS, navigator, ngCrosshair” />


Back to top <elementList>
<element name = “unboundInfoPanelSelf” class = “lesta.libs.unbound.UnboundElement” url = “battle_stats.swf”>
<properties config = “../ unbound / info_panel_self.xml” rootElementId = “InfoPanelSelf” hitTest = “true” />
</ element>

Home <controllers>

<controller class = “lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.UnboundElementController” clips = “unboundInfoPanelSelf” />


At the end of <elementList>
<element name = “unboundInfoPanel” class = “lesta.libs.unbound.UnboundElement” url = “battle_stats.swf”>
<properties config = “../ unbound / info_panel.xml” rootElementId = “InfoPanel” hitTest = “true” />
</ element>

Home <controllers>

<controller class = “lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.UnboundElementController” clips = “unboundInfoPanel” />

Smoke timer (first version)

Back to top <elementList>
<element name = “unboundSmokeIndicator” class = “lesta.libs.unbound.UnboundElement” url = “battle_stats.swf”>
<properties config = “../ unbound / smoke_indicator.xml” rootElementId = “SmokeIndicator” hitTest = “true” />
</ element>

Home <controllers>

<controller class = “lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.UnboundElementController” clips = “unboundSmokeIndicator” />

Smoke timer (second version)

Back to top <elementList>
<element name = “altHud” class = “__ ModLoader” url = “alt_hud.swf” />
<element name = “smokeGeneratorTimer” class = “SmokeGeneratorTimerElement” url = “smokegenerator_timer.swf” />

Home <controllers>

<controller class = “com.w03l.alt.battle_controllers.AltHudController” clips = “smokeGeneratorTimer, crosshairDefault” />


Back to top <elementList>
<element name = “altMarkers” class = “__ ModLoader” url = “alt_markers.swf” />

Home <controllers>

<controller class = “com.w03l.alt.battle_controllers.AltMarkersController” clips = “markersContainer” />

Delete the line (it is a little lower, about the 15th in the section under the controllers) <controllers>

<controller class = “lesta.dialogs.battle_window_controllers.MarkersController” clips = “markersContainer” />

The easiest option is to download and install the necessary mods, then download the standard battle_elements and register the lines of those mods that you downloaded, then save and copy to the folder World of Warships \ res_mods \ [patch number] \ gui with replacement.


Mods combination (4 MB)

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