New screen of loading v2.2 in battle World of Warships 0.8.8

Mod modifies the World of Warships battle loading window a bit by adding a mini-map to the main screen. Now you can not switch tabs during the battle loading, to see for example the spaces of ships.

Also now you can point your mouse at any ship on the map and see the player’s nickname and information about the ship, which will be useful for players who play in the clan, because it allows you to think in advance of the tactics of this fight.

Well, there are others small edits in mod to make it more convenience. For example, standard icons of ships were removed, to not take up space.

Now you can configure the display of the mod right at the time the battle is loaded. A special menu appeared in the left upper corner. More on the video.

Updated from 10/09/19

Adapted for the patch 0.8.8

Compatibility with other mods
If during installation you write that the file USSExpressionsLoader.xml already exists, then skip it without replacing it, and after installing the mod, find this file in the gui \ flash folder, open it with notepad and before the line
<File path = “USSExpressions.swf” /> <! – DO NOT REMOVE / NOT DELETE ->

Add lines

<File path = “../ unbound / flash / ext_fonts.swf” />
<File path = “../ unbound / flash / loading_screen.swf” />

Then save the file


Copy the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.8.8


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