[] “Night Nagasaki” port + weather effects

Update 0.7.8 has an interesting modification. This modification is called the Night Nagasaki Port with weather effects. By name, you can guess the essence and purpose of this modification.
This mod adds the personal ports “Night Nagasaki”, but also add the weather effects of rain and snow to these ports separately. Downloading only one mod you will have several options for ports:

  • personal and altered port of Nagasaki
  • Nagasaki port with rain effect
  • Nagasaki port with snow effect

This modification does not give the player advantages or assistance in battle, it affects only the aesthetic taste of the player. In the picture above you can see what kind the port has been.

Installation: unpack the contents of the archive in World_of_Warships / res_mods / the current version of the patch /

Removal takes place along the same path

Note: Mod is compatible with other personal ports, which are based on ModAPI


Night Nagasaki (4 MB)

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