Nomogram sight for World of Warships 0.9.4

Nomogram sight is a unique thing for World of Warships, it is a dynamic sight, but not quite the same as we are used to. If in the usual dynamic sight, the lines change their location with zoom, then in the nomogram it’s different, here the lines vary depending on the range of the target.

For experienced players, this is just an excellent news, you can expect anticipation of the lines on the sight, and this is not in either static or dynamic sight. So it’s safe to say that the nomogram sight is a unique modification.

You can customize the mod. Choose a color and many other options. To do this, open the file crosshair.xml which is located in the World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.4 / alt_hud folder, through notepad (but it’s better to use notepad ++) and change the parameters you need, everything is signed.

Copy the contents of the archive to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / 0.9.4


pricel_nm (200 KB)


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