[0.7.7] Official collection of WoWS modifications – Express version

Commanders! While the full version of Official modpack for World of Warships 0.7.7 is being prepared, we suggest you use the express version of modpack. The list of changes and the contents of the collection you can find out below.

Please note: all mods in the express modpack are relevant only for version 0.7.7
Compatibility of modifications with all computer configurations is not guaranteed!
If you still have a problem, be sure to confirm your message with the screenshot of the problem itself and the log of the installed modifications collected with this program: Log Archiver

Date updated2020, January 14th
Size80 MB
Actual for the patch0.9.0
Current version13


  • Sights:
    Dolphin.Type 2.
    Horizon and Piranha.
    Sekira v2.
  • Changed color of shells.
  • Teams panels.
  • Extended minimap.
  • Telegraph.
  • Gun Marker V1.
  • Marker of sunshine.
  • Protractor.
  • HP strip
  • Sessional statistics.
  • Unexplored ships in color.
  • Remove fog and glare.
  • Advanced damage counter.
  • Radio WGFM.
  • Training room.
  • Zeiss X25 Sniper.
  • Timer of smoke.


Express version official modpack (44 MB)

0.7.7 will be soon

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