[0.8.7] One client on different servers (RU-EU-NA-SEA)

Allows you to use the same client to play both on the RU-server and EU (NA, SEA) servers – saving you traffic, time to install and configure the client and mods, also disk space.
You should understand that “one client” and “one account” are different things. In other words (for example) – for playing on the EU-server you can use the same client as for playing the RU, but you need to register another account (on the EU). By the way, if you already played on the EU-server in tanks (or airplanes), then, of course, you can use an already existing (EU) account for playing in ships …

It also works with customers from other regions: you can use it to play, for example, from the EU client on the servers of the RU region …

In connection with the change in the order of the release updates in the regions (RU is now updated first, on Wednesday morning), the mod temporarily stops working until the synchronization of client versions in others regions.It happens:
NA – on the same day at 15:00
SEA – on the night of the next day around 2:00 MSK
EU – the next day around 9:00 MSK

Installation mod:
Unpack the contents of the archive into the current mods folder (folder_name \ res_mods \ 0.8.4)
Start the game
On the login screen in the drop-down list, select the desired region


wows_0870_ru_eu_na_asia (2 MB)


  1. the mod does not even work you could not include this in the game itself instead of a mod that must be re download each time.

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