Port interface mod for Wows 0.9.2 [EN/DE/RU/PL]

Are you looking for a modification to change the interface in the port? Then we have great news for you – we offer a special modification that will help to change some important elements in the port interface and also add some features.

Features of Port interface mod

  • Banner switcher

When you right-click, you can choose the style of the combat mission (old or new)

  • Campaigns in port

You can have easy access to information about active campaign tasks

  • Camouflage filter

This function will help you filter camouflage in the port section. Easy and most importantly quickly, you can choose the camouflage option that interests you

  • Save/Load signals (+demount all)

With just one click of the mouse you can do the following: save and load the configuration of flags, signals, as well as demonstrate everything

  • Next ship XP in carousel

Required XP for researching the next tech tree ship

  • Current server population and karma information

Both information directly available in port without further clicking

  • And even Improved primary crew


Unpack the mod archive to your ‘WoWS\res_mods\0.9.2’ folder.

Rename or delete the mod_*.xml file of the component you do not want to install in the ‘PnFMods\PortInterface’ folder


port_interface_mod_0.9.2.0 (120 KB)

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