Ports based on game maps WoWs 0.6.3

Mod updated for version
Mod adds 9 ports, prepared on the basis of the game maps:

Solomon islands
The Great Race
Fault line
Icy Islands
Two brothers
Tierra del Fuego
Tears of the desert

Ports are loaded relatively quickly, faster than alternatives – from maps to ports only the visible terrain and objects within a radius of approximately 4 km

Copy the contents of the archive “GameMapsPorts.rar” to the folder “res_mods \ Version_Number \”

Mod is compatible with other personal ports, which are based on ModAPI. It is not difficult to combine port lists in the file “res_mods \ Version_version number \ PnFMods \ GameMapsPorts \ Main.ru” by opening and copying the lines with Notepad from the same file of another port mod. Similarly, in the same file, you can optionally remove lines with unnecessary ports (do not forget to leave the mandatory header line for the API version)


Ports based on game maps  (12 MB)

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